Luciana da Silva Rodrigues

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A hallmark of LL is the accumulation of Virchow's foamy macrophages. However, the origin and nature of these lipids, as well as their function and contribution to leprosy disease, remain unclear. We(More)
The predilection of Mycobacterium leprae (ML) for Schwann cells (SCs) leads to peripheral neuropathy, a major concern in leprosy. Highly infected SCs in lepromatous leprosy nerves show a foamy,(More)
So far, the occurrence of nitrogen-fixing Sphingomonas bacteria has been restricted to three strains of Sphingomonas azotifigens. In this work, a group of 46 Sphingomonas-like isolates, which(More)
This study examined the in vitro interaction between Mycobacterium leprae, the causative agent of leprosy, and human alveolar and nasal epithelial cells, demonstrating that M. leprae can enter both(More)