Luciana da Silva Barberena

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ReSuMo objetivo: Analisar a generalização baseada nas relações implicacionais obtida pelo Modelo " ABAB-Retirada e Provas Múltiplas " em o Modelo " ABAB-Retirada e Provas Múltiplas ". Resultados: Foram observadas generalizações baseadas em relações implicacionais. Conclusões: O Modelo " ABAB-Retirada e Provas Múltiplas " foi eficaz no tratamento dos(More)
Introduction Speech articulation disorders affect the intelligibility of speech. Studies on therapeutic models show the effectiveness of the communication treatment. Objective To analyze the progress achieved by treatment with the ABAB-Withdrawal and Multiple Probes Model in children with different degrees of phonological disorders. Methods The diagnosis of(More)
PURPOSE To present recent studies that used the ultrasound in the fields of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, which evidence possibilities of the applicability of this technique in different subareas. RESEARCH STRATEGY A bibliographic research was carried out in the PubMed database, using the keywords "ultrasonic," "speech," "phonetics," "Speech,(More)
Purpose To analyze the use of electropalatography and ultrasonography regarding speech therapy through literature narrative review. Research strategies A literature review was conducted at PubMed and Scielo databases, using descriptors as electropalatography, electropalatography AND evaluation, electropalatography AND therapy, electropalatography AND(More)
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