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A literature survey covering the report of naturally occurring xanthones from January 2000 to December 2004, with 219 references, is presented in this review. Among 515 xanthones reported in this period, 278 were new natural xanthones. These xanthones have been identified from 20 families of higher plants (122 species in 44 genera), fungi (19 species) and(More)
This paper discusses Fair Trade [FT] certification as a way to include small producers in global value chains, and identifies the main barriers for small honey producers from RS to meet these criteria. A new trading system such as FT has been providing access for food products coming from small farmers from developing countries. The method of this study(More)
The purpose of this paper is to identify how Brazilian beef managers have responded to a rapid expansion and intensification of standards for beef exports. This issue relates to how some Brazilian beef exporters are strategically repositioning themselves in the supply chains. The literature of this study reviews global chain governance and international(More)
This paper investigates if regional differences are able to influence trust-based relationship with suppliers. It presents the results of a survey of 338 processing plants located in Western and Asian countries using structural equation modeling. Findings suggest that supplier involvement in quality is taken for granted, but it is not related to trust or(More)
A A A ABSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT In this study we investigate the consumer's willingness to try innovative food products in the context of the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre in Brazil and Cirencester in England, UK. Innovation in the food industry is an important source of differentiation and a value-adding opportunity for managers to develop new(More)
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