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Achados patológicos e imuno-histoquímicos em cães infectados naturalmente pelo vírus da cinomose canina
Canine distemper is a viral disease that affects mainly respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system. The present study analyzes pathologic and immunohistochemical findings in 54 dogs with canineExpand
Disgerminoma bilateral e hiperplasia endometrial cística com piometra em cadela
Background : : : Ovarian tumors are considered rare both in dogs and cats. Germ cell neoplasms correspond to approximately 15% of the cases and can be classified into dysgerminomas, teratomas andExpand
Prevalência de neoplasmas cutâneos em cães da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre, RS: 1.017 casos (2002-2007)
The aim of this study was to perform a retrospective study of cutaneous neoplasms diagnosed in dogs. The evaluation was established by analyzing the diagnostic files at the Veterinary PathologyExpand
Surto de babesiose cerebral em bovinos no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
An outbreak of cattle mortality due to Babesia bovis infection in the county of Picada Cafe, Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, in April 2007 is described. Twenty eight heifers (50.9%) died, out ofExpand
Hepatite infecciosa canina em cães naturalmente infectados: achados patológicos e diagnóstico imuno-histoquímico
Twenty-three dogs with infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) were analyzed, based on general data, clinicopathological findings, and immunohistochemistry. The main gross lesions were hepatic palenessExpand
Causas de morte em vacas leiteiras no Rio Grande do Sul
Mello L.S., Bianchi M.V., Bandinelli M.B., Sonne L., Driemeier D. & Pavarini S.P. 2017. [Causes of death in dairy cows in Rio Grande do Sul.] Causas de morte em vacas leiteiras no Rio Grande do Sul.Expand
Anomalias congênitas em fetos bovinos abortados no Sul do Brasil
Abortion, stillbirth and neonatal death are important causes of production losses to the livestock industry. Abortions caused by congenital anomalies may occur sporadically, or appear in epidemics.Expand
Neoplasmas oculares e de anexos em cães e gatos no Rio Grande do Sul: 265 casos (2009 -2014)
Ocular neoplasms cause discomfort, loss of vision or may also reflect systemic diseases. A retrospective study has been performed to identify and analyze ocular and annexes neoplasms obtained byExpand
Leishmaniose Visceral Canina autóctone na região urbana de Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil
Background: Leishmaniasis is a chronic infectious disease caused by intracellular protozoan Leishmania that affects canine and human. The visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is caused by the LeishmaniaExpand
Intoxicação espontânea pelas larvas de Perreyia flavipes em bovinos no Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil
This article describes an outbreak of Perreyia flavipes poisoning in August of 2006 in a cattle herd of 280 animals in Sombrio, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. Seventeen bovines between 1 and 2Expand