Luciana S Paiva

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We have previously shown that TLR4 triggering promotes the generation of CD23(+)CD93(+) transitional T2-like cells in vitro from mouse B cell precursors, suggesting a possible role for this receptor in B cell maturation. In this study, we perform an extensive study of cell surface markers and functional properties of B cells matured in vitro with LPS,(More)
Objectives: to analyze the relationship between anxiety and depression symptoms, resilience and self-esteem with sociodemographic and clinical characteristics; correlate resilience and self-esteem with age and duration of the disease; check associations between anxiety and depression with measures of resilience and self-esteem among individuals with(More)
This was an ethnographic investigation with the aim of comprehending the meanings of the trauma experience among multiple trauma patients. The following techniques were used for data collection: direct observation, semi-structured interview and field diary. Biographical narratives were obtained from eleven trauma victims, and ten relatives as secondary(More)
OBJECTIVE to verify the occurrence and the causes of hospital readmissions within a year after discharge from hospitalizations due to traffic accidents. METHODS victims of multiple traumas due to traffic accidents were included, who were admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. Sociodemographic data, accident circumstances, body regions affected and cause of(More)
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