Luciana Ripamonti

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Since the age of 2, a 16-year-old mentally retarded epileptic girl has had sudden bursts of rapid blinking associated with upward eye deviation and triggered by active or passive head movements. Video EEG monitoring excluded an epileptic origin. Of several hypotheses (brainstem or basal ganglia dysfunction, vestibular origin, and tics), none fully explains(More)
Three thousand two hundred and ninety-eight patients admitted to our Stroke Unit with hemorrhagic, large artery atherosclerosis, cardioembolic, small-vessel occlusion, and undetermined etiology-cryptogenic strokes were included in the study. The circadian variability in onset in each stroke subgroup and the associations with various risk factors were(More)
The above study was undertaken in order to demonstrate the efficacy of ketanserin in mild to moderate essential arterial hypertension. Twenty-two patients, mean age 49.7 yrs., were studied during 36 months. After a 15-day washout period with clinical and instrumental assessment of basal conditions, treatment with 40 mg ketanserin every 12 hrs. was started.(More)
Twenty-nine patients, hospitalized in order to undergo gynaecological surgery involving organ removal, were treated with a single intramuscular administration of 1 g ceftriaxone before surgery. The tissue levels of the drug determined in the organs considered: uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes, vagina, proved to be comparable and to guarantee its satisfactory(More)
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