Luciana P. P. Bueno

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OBJECTIVES The bioavailability of dietary iron present in a nutritional formulation may be evaluated by in vitro and in vivo methods since they provide for a cohesive line study and provided in the literature. The aim of this study was to evaluate the bioavailability of iron targeting a comparative analysis of two nutritional supplement formulations (A and(More)
Resumen Objetivo: Obesos sometidos a cirugía bariátrica mues-tran la utilización de deterioro de hierro. Evaluar la biodisponibilidad del hierro en los obesos por el consumo de suplemento nutricional que contiene múltiples nutrientes antes y después de seis meses de la cirugía bariátrica. Material y Métodos: El estudio incluyó a 14 voluntarios antes y(More)
BACKGROUND The nutritional therapy with enteral diets has been getting specialized and those formulations to substitute the traditional diet for those patients who need to be fed by probe. This workís aim was to study the effect of the components of enteral diet formulation: fiber, calcium and medium-chain triglycerides, seeking optimize a formulation for(More)
The family of chaotic bidirectional associative memory (C-BAM family) can reach all stored patterns during the chaotic behavior. Therefore, in this case, C-BAM family can not converge towards a specific pattern, consequently, a desired output is not available. We introduce a control strategy to make heteroassociative chaotic networks converge towards a(More)
BACKGROUND Iron bioavailability in obese subjects after the ingestion of a nutritional supplement was the aim of this work. METHODS Fourteen persons were studied before and after bariatric surgery after the ingestion of a nutritional formulation containing 25 mg iron, 25 g fiber and 800 mg calcium. RESULTS The following ferremia values (median and(More)
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