Luciana Oliveira

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Conceptions of literacy in the secondary English language arts classroom today have expanded in multiple directions, moving far beyond former emphases on reading comprehension and writing ability. This article presents the efforts of two secondary English language arts teachers in the Midwestern United States to expand the meaning of literacy in their own(More)
In the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), our normal antiviral defenses are inappropriately activated, resulting in over-activity of the type I interferon (IFN) pathway. This increased activity of the type I IFN pathway is an important primary pathogenic factor in the disease. Emerging evidence has implicated the antiviral helicases in(More)
A sociosemantic examination of secondary English teacher written feedback" (2014). Open Access Dissertations. Paper 225. Department To the best of my knowledge and as understood by the student in the Thesis/Dissertation Agreement, Publication Delay, and Certification/Disclaimer (Graduate School Form 32), this thesis/dissertation adheres to the provisions of(More)
Diversity is conceptualised in many different ways in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language and class. Much has been written about these conceptions of diversity in educational settings and how teacher education programs should prepare pre-service teachers to address diversity in their future classrooms. In this article, however, we take a(More)
Collaborative Learning is a technique used in problem or task resolution where learning occurs through the exchange of knowledge between students, and between students and teachers. In some situations communication between partners is better undertaken through the use of sketches or diagrams. The proposed environment introduces several tools into a computer(More)
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