Luciana Moreira Sá de Souza

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On the one hand, enterprises manufacturing any kinds of goods require agile production technology to be able to fully accommodate their customers' demand for flexibility. On the other hand, Smart Objects, such as networked intelligent machines or tagged raw materials, exhibit ever increasing capabilities, up to the point where they offer their smart(More)
Advances in the areas of embedded systems, computing, and networking are leading to an infrastructure composed of millions of heterogeneous devices. These devices will not simply convey information but process it in transit, connect peer to peer, and form advanced collaborations. This " In-ternet of Things " infrastructure will be strongly integrated with(More)
Today manufacturers require efficient reaction to critical events occurring at the shop floor. Therefore, device-level data needs to be integrated into business processes in a standardized and flexible way to avoid time-consuming media breaks. Current approaches are characterized by a late indication of changes in the production environment and a delayed(More)
— Massively deployed wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSAN), co-existing with RFID technology, can bring clear benefits to large-scale enterprise systems, by delegating parts of the business functionality closer to the point of action. However, a major impediment in the integration process is represented by the variety of customized WSAN platforms and(More)
Smart items are physical objects that are enhanced by information technology. There are a number of different smart item technologies available, all of which have different capabilities, protocols, and management functionality. These devices have become an attractive solution for enterprise scenarios. In such scenarios lifecycle management can become a(More)
The use of wireless sensor networks has been proposed for a large spectrum of location-dependent applications. Because of the current restrictions on processing power, power supplies and sensor hardware, most of the current systems struggle between accuracy and complexity. Seeking to provide the current location of nodes with a minimum additional cost to(More)
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