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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of Executive Functions: Challenges and Perspectives
Introduction: Executive Dysfunction (ED) is associated with difficulties in daily life and poor treatment adherence in individuals with neurological and psychiatric disorders. The aim of this paperExpand
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Photosynthetic activity of cultivated plants in soil contaminated with sulfentrazone
The goal of this work was to evaluate the sulfentrazone effects on the characteristics associated with photosynthetic activity of Helianthus annus, Canavalia ensiformis, Dolichos lab lab and ArachisExpand
Predicting Failures of the Brazilian Air Force Tucano Fleet Using Survival Analysis
This study analyzes and model the time between failures (TBF) of the Brazilian Air Force T-27 Tucano fleet by applying various non-parametric, semi-Parametric, and parametric statistical models, to the TBF, such as descriptive statistics, Kaplan-Meier estimators, Cox proportional hazards models, and survival regression models, with or without frailty. Expand
Aptidão física de idosos diabéticos tipo 2 - doi: 10.4025/reveducfis.v21i2.7342
The objective of this study was to compare by genders the physical fitness of elderly people with and without type 2 diabetes. Sample size comprises 114 elderly, 70 diabetic elderly people and 44Expand