Luciana Marina Sánchez

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A proteinase accumulated in breast secretions from women with breast cancer has been characterised. Inhibition of the proteolytic activity of breast secretions by pepstatin A showed that the main enzyme involved was an aspartyl proteinase. Determination of its cleavage specificity by SDS-PAGE and amino acid sequence analysis revealed that it was identical(More)
We have examined by immunohistochemistry the ability of breast carcinomas to produce pepsinogen C, an aspartyl proteinase usually involved in the digestion of proteins in the stomach. A total of 113 out of 245 breast tumours (46%) were positive for pepsinogen C immunostaining. There was a significant association between pepsinogen C and oestrogen receptors(More)
Increasing duration of type 1 diabetes mellitus alters bone metabolism. Clinical studies and experimental studies in long bones of rats with experimentally induced diabetes have reported a decrease in bone density. Few studies have explored this diabetes related alteration in the maxillae. Given that this finding could indicate the possible development of(More)
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