Luciana Emirena dos Santos Carneiro

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Temporal coherence (i.e., the degree of synchronicity of a given variable among ecological units within a predefined space) has been shown for several limnological features among temperate lakes, allowing predictions about the structure and function of ecosystems. However, there is little evidence of temporal coherence among tropical aquatic systems, where(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess longitudinal quantitative changes in bone density around different implant loading protocols and implant surfaces measured by digital subtraction radiography (DSR). METHODS 12 patients received bilateral homologous standard and TiUnite® (Nobel Biocare, Kloten, Switzerland) single-tooth implants under 2(More)
Ecological stoichiometry (ES) and allometry offer frameworks for predicting how nutrient recycling varies within and among animal species. Despite the importance of benthic-derived nutrients in most aquatic systems, predictions based on ES and allometry have been poorly tested among benthic invertebrate consumers. Here, we show that the rates and ratios at(More)
This study examines how nutrients and light affect the relationship between autotrophic biomass and non-autotrophic periphyton organic matter in a tropical black water lake biofilm community. We hypothesized that there is no positive correlation between autotrophic and non-autotrophic organic matter in the periphytic community of a black water humic lake,(More)
Understanding the effects of predators and resources on primary producers has been a major focus of interest in ecology. Within this context, the trophic cascade concept especially concerning the pelagic zone of lakes has been the focus of the majority of these studies. However, littoral food webs could be especially interesting because base trophic levels(More)
The relative importance of species richness and identity for the diversity-function relationship remains controversial. We mechanistically explored the potential contribution of ecosystem processes complexity (EPC; i.e., the number of pathways and mechanisms through which an ecosystem process can be directly and/or indirectly affected by species and/or(More)
Tests of the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) relationship have focused little attention on the importance of interactions between species diversity and other attributes of ecological communities such as community biomass. Moreover, BEF research has been mainly derived from studies measuring a single ecosystem process that often represents(More)
A homemade photoacoustic spectrometer has been constructed for monitoring gas emission from several sources. Numerous air pollutant gases are emitted exhaust of industries, vehicles and power plants. The photoacoustic technique is extremely sensitive and selective in detecting various gases. This work focuses on the gas emitted by the ceramic industry in(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of a quantitative method, based on pixel grey value measurements, for monitoring caries remineralization. METHODS Proximal radiographs of 11 patients (61 enamel caries lesions) were taken both before and after a 2 month remineralization protocol. Radiographs were digitized and for each area(More)