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Routing systems have become very attractive recently. They aim to help users on finding the optimal path to their destinations regarding travel distance,travel time, and other criteria. There are many issues to be investigated such as the multi-criteria personalization of the paths according to user preferences. This paper discusses main routing algorithms(More)
Recently, digital photography is definitely becoming very popular. Thus, there is a large increase in the number of captured photos, which demands better methods to manage this data. An approach is to allow the user to annotate some information in those photos, for instance, the people who appear in them. In this paper, two solutions are proposed in order(More)
Currently, most social content sites enable users to enrich their tags with semantic metadata, such as geographic metadata in the case of Location-Based Social Networks (LBSN). However geographic metadata alone only unveils a very specific facet of a tag, leading to the need for general purpose semantic metadata. This paper introduces DYSCS – Do it Yourself(More)
Web 2.0 allows users to freely publish information regarding several subjects. Social content websites may take advantage of such by creating means for dissemination and creation of collaborative knowledge. However, an adequate environment is needed for the insertion of such information on social content websites. Mobile 2.0 incorporates some Web 2.0(More)
Nowadays there is an increasing volume of heterogeneous documents in a company, in different media such as texts, spreadsheets, images, maps, etc. Most of these documents contain relevant information about the company; hence they need to be stored, indexed and retrieved efficiently. Digital libraries aim to address this issue by providing an infrastructure(More)
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