Luciana Bohl

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BACKGROUND Among the agents that cause parotid sialosis, diabetes mellitus type 2 and chronic alcoholism are included. In this study, the morphometrical modifications in the diabetic parotid sialosis were determined to compare them with the histopathological characteristics of alcoholic parotid sialosis. METHODS Five parotid biopsy samples obtained from(More)
In addition to the previously reported data on the retinal and cerebellar immunopathology following infection of neonatal rats with LCM virus, we have found that there are long-term effects on behavioural and neurological development. Rats were inoculated intracerebrally with the E-350 strain at different ages during the first 3 weeks after birth.(More)
BACKGROUND In alcoholic parotid sialosis, the gland is frequently enlarged due to ductal and/or acinar hypertrophy, ductal hyperplasy and stromal fat infiltration. The aim of this study was to determine acinar and ductal dimensions, the number of striated ducts and the proportion of fat tissue in patients with and without alcoholic parotid sialosis. (More)
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