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In this paper, one application targeting a small-scale DC network supplying signal processing laboratory (personal computers, universal motors and other low-voltage, low-power loads) is proposed, in order to analyze the technical interconnecting possibilities of isolated power systems. As a first step, simulations using the already implemented network(More)
  • Mihai Sanduleac, Gianluca Lipari, +4 authors Giampaolo Fiorentino
  • 2017
The latest technological developments are challenging for finding new solutions to mitigate the massive integration of renewable-based electricity generation in the electrical networks and to support new and dynamic energy and ancillary services markets. Smart meters have become ubiquitous equipment in the low voltage grid, enabled by the decision made in(More)
multiple objectives. Within this frame, EV can benefit of cost-effective energy during the charging period but can also provide multiple ancillary services to the network, by wisely using their storage capability and their flexibility in coupling to the grid. Simulation of an EV providing services under a multi-objective VPP is also presented, with analysis(More)
  • L. Toma, W. Pinto, V. C. Rodrigues, C. P. Dietrich, H. B. Nader
  • 1990
An abnormal urinary excretion of sulphated glycosaminoglycans in a patient with GM-2 gangliosidosis (Tay-Sachs disease) is described. Besides the accumulation of GM-2 ganglioside in liver and lack of hexosaminidase A, the patient shows an abnormal urinary excretion of an iduronic acid-rich low molecular weight heparan sulphate. Also, no dermatan sulphate(More)