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The problem of improving the voltage profile and reducing power losses in electrical networks is a task that must be solved in an optimal manner. At present time, this optimality can be achieved by efficient usage of existing facilities alongside with installing FACTS devices. The Static VAr Compensator (SVC) was chosen for study as its maturity and(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for state estimation in power systems that include FACTS devices and PMUs. The FACTS devices are equipments of special purpose capable of changing the natural behavior of transmission systems. They may be able to influence the voltage, the active power or the reactive power flows based on predefined targets so that the(More)
This paper presents the results of a feasibility study for installing FACTS devices in the South-Eastern part of Romanian power grid (Dobrogea - a peninsular area), to increase the transfer capacity to the rest of the grid. This study assumed, on one hand, the scheduled increase in generated power in the area, mainly due to two new units in the Cernavod(More)
In this paper the authors propose a market strategy of a microgrid incorporating a virtual power plant. For exemplification, a configuration consisting of different types of distributed generators and a lumped load are considered. The aim of the virtual power plant is to maximize the profit by minimization of the total cost involved for electrical energy(More)
This paper presents a solution for integrating Electrical Vehicles in the Smart Grid through unbundled Smart Metering and Virtual Power Plant technology dealing with multiple objectives. Within this frame, EV can benefit of cost-effective energy during the charging period but can also provide multiple ancillary services to the network, by wisely using their(More)
The paper presents a reconfiguration method for electrical distribution networks under normal operating conditions. The method uses a multi-criteria objective function that considers economic related aspects: the cost of power losses and the cost of damages due to power supply interruption following some faults occurring into the distribution network. The(More)
With the introduction of the electricity market the system operators as well as the market operators are facing more and more unpredictable challenges. As a completive for the Day Ahead Market, the Balancing Market is meant to perform a more market oriented frequency regulation by using a merit order for real-time dispatch of the generators, particularly(More)
This paper deals with voltage regulation issues based on compensation reactors in the 400 kV network of the Romanian Transmission Power System. For secure operation reasons, voltage regulation plays an important role in a power system. As over- or under-voltages occurs due to the reactive power surplus or deficit, shunt reactors are employed to maintain the(More)
Smart Grids is already considered an attractive topic in the power engineering education programs. Politehnica University of Bucharest has a unique profile in the engineering higher education landscape by including among its 14 Faculties, one dedicated to Power Engineering and another one to Electrical Engineering. In this paper we focus on the smart grids(More)
The present work investigates the dynamic behaviour of a mixed system consisting of a wind farm and a diesel group supplying a load, under different disturbances. In this regard, dynamic models and control systems that enable the generation part to support the grid are needed. The objective of this work has been also the implementation of the diesel group(More)