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The energy emissions produced by the human being and their practical use
Nowadays the researches in the field of health preservation are an important objective in the medical domain. The fact that the human body works on electrochemical bases is also exploited in manyExpand
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Aspects of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in diffused aeration systems.
The aim of this paper is the theoretic and experimental study of the hydrodynamics and mass transfer of the swarm of bubbles generated by fine bubble diffusers (FBD) made from ceramics. Thus theExpand
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The complete human being, energy and soul
Abstract The scope of the research is to investigate and to present the human being as a whole. The article presents a series of experiments regarding the human being. It reveals, based on provenExpand
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High energy, increased balance and self control, the necessary conditions for performance and a good health
We present the possibilities of the human being to improve the personal level of energy and to achieve an increased balance and a strong self control. Expand
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The Study of the Depression Occurred under Different Types of Impellers
The paper presents the analytical solution used to calculate the depression which appears under different types of impellers. This solution can be useful as a preliminary calculus to estimate theExpand
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Effect of the pitch angle and of the number of blades on depression created under impellers
This work presents a set of experiments concerning the behavior of several types of impellers regarding the depression formatted and operating in a specific range of rotations. Various mixer designsExpand
The Effects Produced by a Butterfly Valve in a Hydraulic Closed Circuit
The paper presents the operation of a hydraulic closed circuit equipped with a butterfly valve which can close with a step of 10o. Using four pressure transducers and one temperature transducer, theExpand
Draft Tube Length Influence on the Flow Inside Reactors with Intubated Impeller
The efficiency of a suspension homogenization/mixing reactor is evaluated by a uniform concentration of the suspension and low specific energy consumption (kW/m3). For a reactor with given geometryExpand
Vibrations of water hydraulic systems - an experimental approach
This paper presents an experimental study of the vibrations induced both by cavitating and by non-cavitating flow in a hydraulic installation that comprises the main elements of a water hydraulicExpand