Lucian M. Patcas

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Web service compositions are often used to realise service-based enterpriseapplications. These enterprise systems are built from many existing discreteapplications, often legacy applications exposed using Web service interfaces.Acceptance of these systems is often constrained by non-functional aspects,such as Quality of Service (QoS). A number of factors(More)
The four-variable model of software-controlled embedded systems originally proposed by Parnas and Madey has been used successfully in the development of safety-critical applications in various industries. The model does not explicitly specify the software requirements, but rather bounds them by specifying the system requirements and the input and output(More)
In the past software developers had to be careful when developing applications as resources were often scarce and the management of such scare resources was a complex issue. Advances in software technologies have allowed for developers today to concentrate less on lower-level issues such as performance and resource management. An example of this can be seen(More)
In designing systems, engineers decompose the problem into smaller, more manageable tasks. A classic example of this is the separation principle from control systems which allows one to decompose the design of an optimal feedback control system into two independent tasks by designing (a) an observer, and (b) a controller. We investigate an analogous result(More)
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