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An accurate, effcient and scalable cubed-sphere grid framework is described for simulation of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) space-physics flows in domains between two concentric spheres. The unique feature of the proposed formulation compared to existing cubed-sphere codes lies in the design of a cubed-sphere framework that is based on a genuine and consistent(More)
A high-order central essentially non-oscillatory (CENO) finite-volume scheme in combination with a block-based adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) algorithm is proposed for solution of the Navier-Stokes equations on body-fitted multi-block mesh. The spatial dis-cretization of the inviscid (hyperbolic) term is based on a hybrid solution reconstruction procedure(More)
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A high-order central essentially non-oscillatory (CENO) finite-volume scheme is developed for the compressible ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations solved on three-dimensional (3D) cubed-sphere grids. The proposed formulation is an extension to 3D geometries of a recent high-order MHD CENO scheme developed on two-dimensional (2D) grids. The main(More)
A scalable parallel and block-adaptive cubed-sphere grid simulation framework is described for solution of hyper-bolic conservation laws in domains between two concentric spheres. In particular, the Euler and ideal magnetohy-drodynamics (MHD) equations are considered. Compared to existing cubed-sphere grid algorithms, a novelty of the proposed approach(More)
  • Lucian Ivan, Hans De Stercka, Scott A. Northrupb, Clinton P. T. Grothb
  • 2012
An accurate, efficient and scalable parallel, cubed-sphere grid numerical framework is described for solution of hyperbolic conservation laws in domains between two concentric spheres. The particular conservation laws considered in this work are the well-known Euler and ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations. Our main contribution compared to existing(More)
A fourth-order accurate finite-volume scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws on three-dimensional (3D) cubed-sphere grids is described. The approach is based on a central essentially non-oscillatory (CENO) finite-volume method that was recently introduced for two-dimensional compressible flows and is extended to 3D geometries with structured hexahedral(More)
A "dirty bomb" is a type of radiological dispersal device (RDD) that has been the subject of significant safety and security concerns given the disruption that would result from a postulated terrorist attack. Assessing the risks of radioactive dose in a hypothetical scenario requires models that can accurately predict dispersion in a realistic environment.(More)
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