Lucian-Florentin Barbulescu

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A modular simulator is a software application created with different components that are interconnected by means of a communication framework. This approach has the advantage of component reusability, meaning that once a module is created, it can be reused for many other simulators and, it is thus a good practice to create a framework that allows their fast(More)
This paper presents an adaptive flight control system for a launch vehicle. The rocket has an in-line configuration with each stage on top to another and the payload placed atop the rocket. The driving is achieved through the reactive rocket engine gimbaled nozzle, by changing the orientation of the thrust force. Rocket rotation around roll axis is done(More)
The Hansen coefficients are one of the most important tools in the analytical or semi-analytical methods of celestial mechanics. The problem of efficient computation was investigated in detail in many papers, but this subject is still open and to date there are not standard algorithms to generate the Hansen coefficients with accuracy and good computation(More)
DstriSimJ is framework, written in Java, which allows the user to build modular simulators and to deploy them on multiple machines in order to take advantage of their cumulated computation power. The framework is focused mainly on the functional part of the simulation and it offers only a limited support for building graphical user interfaces which have no(More)
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