Lucia van Eimeren

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The role of gray matter function and structure in mathematical cognition has been well researched. Comparatively little is known about white matter microstructures associated with mathematical abilities. Diffusion tensor imaging data from 13 children (7-9 years) and two measures of their mathematical competence were collected. Relationships between(More)
Spatial neglect may involve neglect dyslexia resulting in a failure to identify words or parts of words in the contralesional hemispace. The present study explored a well-documented dissociation in neglect dyslexics' word processing, i.e. impaired reading aloud in the presence of good lexical decision performance for the same stimuli. To investigate whether(More)
In the size-weight illusion (SWI), large objects feel lighter than equally weighted small objects. In the present study, we investigated whether this powerful weight illusion could influence real-lift behavior-namely, whether individuals would perform more bicep curls with a dumbbell that felt subjectively lighter than with an identically weighted, but(More)
Unilateral spatial neglect frequently involves a lateralised reading disorder, neglect dyslexia (ND). Reading of single words in ND is characterised by left-sided omissions and substitutions of letters. However, it is unclear whether the distribution of error types and positions within a word shows a unique pattern of ND when directly compared to healthy(More)
OBJECTIVE Observing experts constitutes an important and common learning experience for surgical residents before operating under direct guidance. However, studies suggest that exclusively observing experts may induce suboptimal motor learning, and watching errors from non-experts performing simple motor tasks may generate better performance. We(More)
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