Lucia Zirilli

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Male age-related bone loss is caused, at least in part, by hypogonadism that occurs with advancing age. The study of the effects of sex steroids on bone physiology in men has recently highlighted the central role of estrogens on bone pathophysiology. This review focuses on particular aspects of bone physiology and pathophysiology in aging men, noting both(More)
BACKGROUND Testosterone (T) deficiency remains a poorly understood issue in men with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). We investigated the gonadal status in HIV-infected men in order to characterize T deficiency and to identify predictive factors for low serum T. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We performed a cross-sectional, observational study on 1325(More)
OBJECTIVE Here we report on a new case of human aromatase deficiency in a man of 26 years of age and present the results of five year follow-up during trandermal estradiol (tE2) substitution, focusing on bone growth and mineralization. The lack of patient's compliance to tE2 treatment, resulting in low but detectable serum estradiol levels, provides helpful(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies have examined the impact of viral hepatitis on bone mineral density (BMD), and none have done so among HIV-infected patients. Our objective was to determine whether viral hepatitis was associated with low BMD in HIV. DESIGN : A cross-sectional study among 1237 HIV-infected patients (625 with viral hepatitis). METHODS Dual-energy(More)
Several comorbidities are associated with the HIV infection and may involve also the endocrine-metabolic system. Consistently, the recent development of the therapeutic regimen highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) ruled out a significant improvement both in the prognosis and life expectancy of HIV-infected patients, but disclosed also new serious(More)
INTRODUCTION In adult aromatase-deficient men, estrogen treatment has always resulted in a rapid skeletal maturation with epiphyseal closure and improved BMD. Raloxifene is a SERM with proven estrogen agonist action on bone that leads to an improvement in BMD and a reduction in bone turnover. The present study reports the effects of raloxifene and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS A 33-year-old man was referred for the first time to the Division of Neurology because of the presence and progression of neurological symptoms. Dysphagia, weakness, reduced tear production, and nasal speech were present. In order to point the attention of late-onset triple A syndrome we describe this case and review the literature. (More)
OBJECTIVE Aromatase, the key enzyme involved in estrogen synthesis, is expressed in a variety of cells and tissues including human peripheral blood leukocytes (PBLs). The present study was designed to evaluate PBL aromatase gene expression in male and female subjects of different age groups. In addition, differences in gene expression during the follicular(More)
This review focuses on the role of estrogen in men, mainly in male reproduction. The continuing increase in data obtained, and recent discoveries in this area will enable a better understanding of male physiology; these, in turn, will have important clinical implications.
A. BALESTRIERI,* L. ZIRILLI,{ B. MADEO,{ E. PIGNATTI,{ G. ROSSI,{ C. CARANI,{ AND V. ROCHIRA{ From the *Department of Medicine, ASL Cesena, Ospedale M. Bufalini, Cesena, Italy, the Integrated Department of Medicine, Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Geriatrics, NOCSAE of Baggiovara, Chair of Endocrinology, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy;(More)