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How do diverse dynamical patterns arise from the topology of complex networks? We study synchronization dynamics in the cortical brain network of the cat, which displays a hierarchically clustered organization, by modeling each node (cortical area) with a subnetwork of interacting excitable neurons. We find that in the biologically plausible regime the(More)
Recent research using the complex network approach has revealed a rich and complicated network topology in the cortical connectivity of mammalian brains. It is of importance to understand the implications of such complex network structures in the functional organization of the brain activities. Here we study this problem from the viewpoint of dynamical(More)
The brain is one of the most complex systems in nature, with a structured complex connectivity. Recently, large-scale corticocortical connectiv-ities, both structural and functional, have received a great deal of research attention , especially using the approach of complex network analysis. Understanding the relationship between structural and functional(More)
Recent research has revealed a rich and complicated network topology in the cortical connectivity of mammalian brains. A challenging task is to understand the implications of such network structures on the functional organisation of the brain activities. We investigate synchronisation dynamics on the corticocortical network of the cat by modelling each node(More)
The Directed Transfer Function (DTF) and the Partial Directed Coherence (PDC) are frequency-domain estimators, based on the multivariate autoregressive modelling (MVAR) of time series, that are able to describe interactions between cortical areas in terms of the concept of Granger causality. However, the classical estimation of these methods requires the(More)
Sequential associative memory with nonuniformity of the layer sizes Jun-nosuke Teramae and Tomoki Fukai Abstract: Modern Biomedicine provides a host of research and employment opportunities for physicists. New techniques for monitoring and manipulating complex biological processes at the molecular level promise to revolutionize our ability to understand and(More)
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