Lucia Turčoková

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Warbler species of the families Sylviidae and Acrocephalidae occurring in the Danube river delta are frequently exposed to blood-sucking arthropods that transmit avian blood parasites. We investigated infections by three genera of hemosporidian parasites in blood samples from six warbler species. Altogether in 17 (32.6%) of 52 blood samples, a PCR product(More)
Differences in vocalization between subspecies of songbirds may influence intraspecific interactions including mate choice and territorial behavior, and contribute to their further divergence by strengthening pre-mating reproductive isolation. We have recently shown that songs of two Bluethroat subspecies, Luscinia svecica svecia and L. s. cyanecula, differ(More)
Long-distance migratory birds are potentially exposed to a range of blood sucking arthropods that transmit avian blood parasites. Because of differential vector exposure, the parasite fauna may vary in different habitat types, among populations, or even within populations where individuals travel to different areas during migration. We applied PCR-based(More)
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