Lucia Tonucci

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A novel system was investigated, finalized to reduce the impact of highly polluting wastewaters, and based on combined actions of catalytic oxidations and microbial biotechnologies. Olive oil mill wastewaters (COD 10,000-100,000 mg O(2)/L) were oxidized up to 80-90% by stoichiometric amounts of dilute hydrogen peroxide (35%) and in the presence of water(More)
Breast cancer represents the second cause of death in the European female population. The lack of specific therapies together with its high invasive potential are the major problems associated to such a tumor. In the last three decades platinum-based drugs have been considered essential constituents of many therapeutic strategies, even though with side(More)
The mechanochemical preparation of highly functionalized 3,5-disubstituted hydantoins was investigated in the presence of various poly(ethylene) glycols (PEGs), as safe grinding assisting agents (liquid-assisted grinding, LAG). A comparative study under dry-grinding conditions was also performed. The results showed that the cyclization reaction was(More)
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