Lucia Tamburino

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Public agencies tackling the issues of natural resource management need objective analysis to anticipate the ecosystem consequences of their actions. Mathematical models can be regarded as an effective tool to support decision makers in this context because of their predictive capacity and of their ability to describe complex natural systems. In particular,(More)
We identified a new mutation in the myophosphorylase gene in a Japanese family with McArdle's disease. This point mutation results in the replacement of a tryptophan at amino acid position 361 with a stop codon, the third nonsense mutation in this disorder. Our findings further expand the already wide spectrum of genetic lesions associated with McArdle's(More)
Trust is an important concept that intersects a number of different disciplines , including economics, sociology, and political science, and maintains some meaning even in the natural sciences. Any situation where non-simultaneous exchanges between living organisms take place involves a problem of trust. We used computer simulations to study the evolution(More)
We analyzed leukocyte DNA of 19 patients from 12 Spanish families with McArdle's disease (myophosphorylase deficiency). In 15 patients, the enzyme defect was documented histochemically in muscle, and in four the diagnosis was based on clinical and laboratory data. Three patients were homozygous and six were heterozygous for the nonsense mutation at codon 49(More)
The possibility of exploiting multiple resources is usually regarded as positive from both the economic and the environmental point of view. However, resource switching may also lead to unsustainable growth and, ultimately, to an equilibrium condition which is worse than the one that could have been achieved with a single resource. We developed a dynamic(More)
We have studied two large unrelated Finnish families with myophosphorylase deficiency (McArdle's disease). In one, we identified a new nonsense mutation at codon 540 in exon 14 of the myophosphorylase gene, changing an encoded glutamic acid to a stop codon (E540X). The second family carried a splice-junction mutation at the 5' splice site of intron 14(More)
We have identified a novel missense mutation, an A-T transition at codon 684 in exon 17, changing an encoded asparagine to a tyrosine (Asn684Tyr) in a Spanish patient with typical McArdle's disease. The patient was a compound heterozygote, with a previously-described mutation (Gly204Ser) on the other allele. This report expands the molecular genetic(More)
The debate on the causes of conflict in human societies has deep roots. In particular, the extent of conflict in hunter-gatherer groups remains unclear. Some authors suggest that large-scale violence only arose with the spreading of agriculture and the building of complex societies. To shed light on this issue, we developed a model based on operatorial(More)
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