Lucia Tamburino

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Public agencies tackling the issues of natural resource management need objective analysis to anticipate the ecosystem consequences of their actions. Mathematical models can be regarded as an effective tool to support decision makers in this context because of their predictive capacity and of their ability to describe complex natural systems. In particular,(More)
Trust is an important concept that intersects a number of different disciplines , including economics, sociology, and political science, and maintains some meaning even in the natural sciences. Any situation where non-simultaneous exchanges between living organisms take place involves a problem of trust. We used computer simulations to study the evolution(More)
The possibility of exploiting multiple resources is usually regarded as positive from both the economic and the environmental point of view. However, resource switching may also lead to unsustainable growth and, ultimately, to an equilibrium condition which is worse than the one that could have been achieved with a single resource. We developed a dynamic(More)
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