Lucia Salvatorelli

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The parkin gene has been shown to be genetically altered in a wide variety of human tumors including lung cancer. Although many parkin splice variants have been identified, to date, most of the studies have only been focused on originally cloned isoforms. In this work, for the first time, the expression profile of parkin isoforms in human lung(More)
The bone grafting is the classical way to treat large bone defects. Among the available techniques, autologous bone grafting is still the most used but, however, it can cause complications such as infection and donor site morbidity. Alternative and innovative methods rely on the development of biomaterials mimicking the structure and properties of natural(More)
Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most aggressive human cancers. Actually, ATC is refractory to conventional therapies, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and radioiodine ((131)I) therapy. Accordingly, genetic and molecular characterizations of ATC have been frequently and periodically reviewed in order to identify potential(More)
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