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Anorexia nervosa (AN) affects 0.3% of young girls with a mortality of 6%/decade and is strongly familial with genetic factors. Ghrelin is an upstream regulator of the orexigenic peptides NPY and AgRP and acts as a natural antagonist to leptin's effects on NPY/AgRP-expressing neurons, resulting in an increase in feeding and body weight. Obestatin which(More)
Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can be exacerbated by psychosocial factors. Various studies confirm that the severity of a psychiatric disorder, particularly when it comes to ADHD, is strongly correlated with the amount of use. This study (1) evaluated the association between ADHD and(More)
People who suffer from substance use disorders (SUDs) frequently report to have undergone childhood adversity that is often associated with father or mother dysfunction, or both. Yet that issue has been barely addressed in opiate dependent patients. Therefore we sought to evaluate parent-specific dysfunctional styles perceived during childhood in a clinical(More)
Cocaine use is known to induce transient psychotic symptoms. We evaluated retrospectively the lifetime prevalence of cocaine-induced psychotic symptoms in 105 cocaine addicts with the French version of the Scale for Assessment of Positive Symptoms-Cocaine Induced Psychosis (SAPS-CIP) in a clinical setting. Most patients (86.5%) described such symptoms.
Background and aims The aim of this study was to test the screening properties of several combinations of items from gambling scales, in order to harmonize screening of gambling problems in epidemiological surveys. The objective was to propose two brief screening tools (three items or less) for a use in interviews and self-administered questionnaires.(More)
OBJECTIVE There is sparse information on electronic cigarette use and health behaviours among college student populations. Our objectives were to identify the patterns of electronic cigarette use in current and ever users among college students in France. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTINGS A multicentre cross-sectional study was conducted on two(More)
Self-image is a central problem in alcoholism. Most theories about the relationships between the self-image of alcoholics and their behaviour have been derived from -clinical observations rather than empirical research. Most observations have pointed out that alcoholics are prone to underevaluation of themselves and that low self-image is the basis of much(More)
Eating disorders (ED) are severe psychiatric diseases that most likely result from, and are sustained by socio-cultural, psychological and biological factors. We explored whether members of the neurotrophin family are disease-modifying factors of quantitative traits, potentially contributing to the outcome or prognosis of the disease. We studied lifetime(More)