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Effect of chemical structure on the sonochemical degradation of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs)
Perfluoroalkyl surfactants include chemicals characterized by a fully fluorinated carbon chain (hydrophobic and oleophobic tail) bound to a hydrophilic head (a carboxyl or sulfonic group). TheseExpand
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Flexible bacterial strains that oxidize arsenite in anoxic or aerobic conditions and utilize hydrogen or acetate as alternative electron donors
Arsenic is a carcinogenic compound widely distributed in the groundwater around the world. The fate of arsenic in groundwater depends on the activity of microorganisms either by oxidizing arseniteExpand
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Biomineralization of arsenate to arsenic sulfides is greatly enhanced at mildly acidic conditions.
Arsenic (As) is an important water contaminant due to its high toxicity and widespread occurrence. Arsenic-sulfide minerals (ASM) are formed during microbial reduction of arsenate (As(V)) and sulfateExpand
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Effect of sound frequency and initial concentration on the sonochemical degradation of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).
Perfluoooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) is a perfluorinated compound (PFC) highly resistant to conventional advance oxidation processes, which was widely used in industrial activities due to itsExpand
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Arsenic remediation by formation of arsenic sulfide minerals in a continuous anaerobic bioreactor
Arsenic (As) is a highly toxic metalloid that has been identified at high concentrations in groundwater in certain locations around the world. Concurrent microbial reduction of arsenate (AsV) andExpand
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Effect of Calcium on the Bioavailability of Dissolved Uranium(VI) in Plant Roots under Circumneutral pH.
We integrated field measurements, hydroponic experiments, microscopy, and spectroscopy to investigate the effect of Ca(II) on dissolved U(VI) uptake by plants in 1 mM HCO3- solutions at circumneutralExpand
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Uranium mobility and accumulation along the Rio Paguate, Jackpile Mine in Laguna Pueblo, NM.
The mobility and accumulation of uranium (U) along the Rio Paguate, adjacent to the Jackpile Mine, in Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico was investigated using aqueous chemistry, electron microprobe, X-rayExpand
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Sonochemical degradation of perfluorinated chemicals in aqueous film-forming foams.
Aqueous film-forming foams (AFFFs) are complex mixtures containing 1-5% w/w fluorocarbons (FCs). Here, we have investigated degradation of two commercial AFFF formulations, 3M and Ansul, using soundExpand
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Post Gold King Mine Spill Investigation of Metal Stability in Water and Sediments of the Animas River Watershed.
We applied spectroscopy, microscopy, diffraction, and aqueous chemistry methods to investigate the persistence of metals in water and sediments from the Animas River 13 days after the Gold King MineExpand
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Adaptation of a Methanogenic Consortium to Arsenite Inhibition
Arsenic (As) is a ubiquitous metalloid known for its adverse effects to human health. Microorganisms are also impacted by As toxicity, including methanogenic archaea, which can affect the performanceExpand
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