Lucia Piazzi

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OBJECTIVES:Prospective studies have identified a number of patient- and procedure-related independent risk factors for post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) pancreatitis, with different conclusions, so various questions are still open. The endoscopist's expertise, case volume, and case mix can all significantly influence the outcome of(More)
A multicenter, double-blind, randomized, controlled study was conducted in 234 duodenal ulcer patients to compare the efficacy and safety of the H2-receptor antagonists famotidine and ranitidine in the treatment of duodenal ulcer. Patients received 40 mg famotidine (119 patients) or 300 mg ranitidine (115 patients) once daily at bedtime for 4 weeks. If(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the ethanol serum concentration curve, the area under the curve and subjective response after acute ingestion of ethanol (red wine, 13 degrees proof, at a dose of 0.8 g/kg of ideal weight in 6 healthy volunteers with a mean habitual alcohol intake of 20 g/day. All the subjects underwent the test a total of three times,(More)
BACKGROUND Cure rates for eradication of Helicobacter pylori appear to be decreasing, thus more effective therapies must be identified. AIM To evaluate the efficacy of bovine lactoferrin in the treatment of H. pylori infection. METHODS In a multicentered prospective study, 402 (mean age 52.4, range 19-84 years) H. pylori-positive patients were assigned(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of cimetropium bromide, a new antimuscarinic compound, in relieving symptoms of patients with irritable bowel syndrome over a three month period. Seventy consecutive outpatients were given cimetropium (50 mg tid) or placebo according to a double blind, randomised, parallel groups design. Symptoms were(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Following endoscopic sphincterotomy, 90% of bile duct stones can be removed with a Dormia basket or balloon catheter. The removal can fail in patients with large stones, intrahepatic stones, bile duct strictures or a difficult anatomy. The aim of this retrospective study is to investigate the efficacy and safety of extracorporeal(More)
The aim of this randomized, multicenter, double-masked, parallel-group study was to compare the efficacy of lansoprazole with that of omeprazole monotherapy in duodenal ulcer healing and prevention of relapse. A total of 251 patients with duodenal ulcer were treated with either lansoprazole 30 mg/d (n = 167) or omeprazole 40 mg/d (n = 84). Patients with(More)
Levels of a new carbohydrate antigen, CA 19-9, which is a monosialoganglioside identified by a monoclonal antibody raised against colorectal carcinoma cells, were compared to conventional CEA assays in 615 sera from healthy controls, patients with benign gastrointestinal disorders, and patients with cancers of gastrointestinal or extragastrointestinal(More)
AIM Some endoscopic features of duodenal mucosa are marker of mucosal injury, the most common cause being celiac disease (CD). The aim of this study was to prospectively assess the diagnostic value of the endoscopic markers for the diagnosis of CD in the adult population undergoing routine upper endoscopy. METHODS This was a prospective multicenter study(More)