Lucia Pálová

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In monolayer graphene, substitutional doping during growth can be used to alter its electronic properties. We used scanning tunneling microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, x-ray spectroscopy, and first principles calculations to characterize individual nitrogen dopants in monolayer graphene grown on a copper substrate. Individual nitrogen atoms were incorporated(More)
Robust methods to tune the unique electronic properties of graphene by chemical modification are in great demand due to the potential of the two dimensional material to impact a range of device applications. Here we show that carbon and nitrogen core-level resonant X-ray spectroscopy is a sensitive probe of chemical bonding and electronic structure of(More)
Using first-principles calculations, we identify a magnetostructural effect in the BiFeO3-BiMnO3 nanocheckerboard that is not to be found in either the bulk parent compound or in BiFeO3-BiMnO3 superlattices with (001)-oriented Fe and Mn layers. The key role of the cation arrangement is explained by a simple model of the exchange coupling between cation(More)
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