Lucia Oriolo

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Segmental dilatation of the intestine (SDI) is an unusual condition presenting during the neonatal period, with symptoms of obstruction. Late diagnosed cases are also reported. The clinical polymorphism, and the lack of specificity of radiological investigations, make diagnosis difficult. Prenatal detection of abdominal cystic lesions or bowel dilatation(More)
BACKGROUND Meconium abnormalities are characterized by a wide spectrum of severity, from the meconium plug syndrome to the complicated meconium ileus associated with cystic fibrosis. Meconium Related Ileus in absence of Cystic Fibrosis includes a combination of highly viscid meconium and poor intestinal motility, low grade obstruction, benign systemic and(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare predictive values of current morphologic parameters with congenital renal damage associated with severe megaureter. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed using records of 37 patients (50 megaureters) referred before birth for a primary megaureter. Mean follow-up was 26 months (range, 1 to 8 years). RESULTS Dilatation(More)
Tracheocele is a rare pathology, especially complication of tracheal surgery. We present a case of a 3 year old pediatric patient with secondary tracheocele arising after simple surgical closure of tracheostomy. It appeared 2 months after intervention that cervical mass swelling during respiratory acts. Diagnosis was made by TC scan and by dynamic flexible(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare functional outcome after pyeloplasty in two groups of patients affected by hydronephrosis, which had different modalities of diagnosis. The first, asymptomatic, detected by prenatal ultrasonography and the second referred later because of clinical symptoms. PATIENTS AND METHODS 84 patients (54 prenatally detected and 30 symptomatic)(More)
CONTEXT Jejunoileal atresia (JIA) is a common abnormality. The outcome is conditioned by several variables. Nutritional problems, and long-term sequelae are described among those who survive. AIM To correlate the type of JIA and its management to the outcome and long-term quality of life. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Forty-three cases over a 17-year period(More)
Voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) and radionuclide scan is recommended for patients with solitary (secondary to aplasia or multicystic dysplasia), hypoplasic or single ectopic kidney, to detect associated anomalies (vesicoureteric reflux, obstructive uropathies). With the increase of occasional diagnosis, mainly by fetal ultrasound (US), the possibility of an(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of different techniques in the diagnostic workup of children with negative prenatal ultrasonogram, referred for urinary tract infection (UTI) within the first 24 months. METHODS One-hundred and forty-seven patients, 71 males/76 females were studied. All patients were submitted to renal ultrasonogram (RUS)(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Subureteral endoscopic injection of a bulking agent is an attractive alternative to open surgery or antibiotic prophylaxis for vesico ureteral reflux (VUR). Little information is available about long-term risk of recurrence after an initially successful treatment. Aim of this paper was to review short- and long-term success rate of(More)
OBJECTIVES It was the aim of this study to determine if prenatal diagnosis of congenital duodenal obstruction (CDO) selects high-risk pregnancies and demands special perinatal attention. METHODS Medical records of 62 neonates with intrinsic CDO, admitted since 1981 in 2 institutions, were reviewed and divided into 2 groups: 39 cases, detected in utero by(More)