Lucia Moreira

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—Mass adoption of virtual world platforms for education and training implies efficient management of computational resources. In Second Life Grid and OpenSimulator, commonly used for this purpose, a key resource is the number of servers required to support educational spaces. Educational activities can take place at different altitudes over the same virtual(More)
This paper is concerned with the study of Bayesian inference procedures to commonly used time series models. In particular, the dynamic or state-space models, the time-varying vector autoregressive model and the structural vector autoregressive model are considered in detail. Inference procedures are based on a hybrid integration scheme where state(More)
A guidance and control system is introduced and applied to ship path following using two controls. The guidance system is derived through a waypoint guidance scheme based on line-of-sight projection algorithm and speed is controlled by a state feedback controller. An approach concerning the calculation of a dynamic line-of-sight vector norm is presented and(More)
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