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  • Sandra Castano-Solis, Daniel Serrano-Jimenez, Lucia Gauchia, Javier Sanz
  • 2017
Sandra Castano-Solis 1,*, Daniel Serrano-Jimenez 2, Lucia Gauchia 3 and Javier Sanz 2 1 Department of Electrical, Automation and Electronic Engineering and Applied Physic ETSIDI Technical University of Madrid, 28012 Madrid, Spain 2 Department of Electrical Engineering Carlos III University of Madrid, 28911 Madrid, Spain; danserra@ing.uc3m.es (D.S.-J.);(More)
—Photovoltaic power has become one of the most popular research area in new energy field. In this report, the case of household solar power system is household system, it is can be seen that the power which generated by the system is ૝૙. ૜ૢ૛‫ܐ܅ܓ‬ per sunny day. By combining the power generated by the system and the price of the electric power, 8.42 years(More)
In this investigation a test bench for the simulation of hybrid power trains combining fuel cell and batteries is proposed. The developed test bench offers a high flexibility as different fuel cells, batteries and loads can be tested in the power train in an effective and affordable way. The fuel cell is simulated with a dynamic electric model and a power(More)