Lucia Gauchia

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For a microgrid with a high penetration level of renewable energy, energy storage use<lb>becomes more integral to the system performance due to the stochastic nature of most<lb>renewable energy sources. This thesis examines the use of droop control of an energy<lb>storage source in dc microgrids in order to optimize a global cost function. The(More)
Two important and upcoming technologies, microgrids and electricity generation from wind resources, are increasingly being combined. Various control strategies can be implemented, and droop control provides a simple option without requiring communication between microgrid components. Eliminating the single source of potential failure around the(More)
Sandra Castano-Solis 1,*, Daniel Serrano-Jimenez 2, Lucia Gauchia 3 and Javier Sanz 2 1 Department of Electrical, Automation and Electronic Engineering and Applied Physic ETSIDI Technical University of Madrid, 28012 Madrid, Spain 2 Department of Electrical Engineering Carlos III University of Madrid, 28911 Madrid, Spain; (D.S.-J.);(More)
In this investigation a test bench for the simulation of hybrid power trains combining fuel cell and batteries is proposed. The developed test bench offers a high flexibility as different fuel cells, batteries and loads can be tested in the power train in an effective and affordable way. The fuel cell is simulated with a dynamic electric model and a power(More)
The release of the open source 3-D printer known as the RepRap (a self-Replicating Rapid prototyper) resulted in the potential for distributed manufacturing of products for significantly lower costs than conventional manufacturing. This development, coupled with open source-appropriate technology (OSAT), has enabled the opportunity for 3-D printers to be(More)
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