Lucia Daddabbo

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Among the members of the mitochondrial carrier family, there are transporters that catalyze the translocation of ornithine and related substrates, such as arginine, homoarginine, lysine, histidine, and citrulline, across the inner mitochondrial membrane. The mitochondrial carriers ORC1, ORC2, and SLC25A29 from Homo sapiens, BAC1 and BAC2 from Arabidopsis(More)
The mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier (OGC) plays an important role in the malate-aspartate shuttle, the oxoglutarate-isocitrate shuttle and gluconeogenesis. To establish amino acid residues that are important for function, each residue in the transmembrane alpha-helices H1, H3 and H5 was replaced systematically by a cysteine in a fully functional mutant(More)
The mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier belongs to the mitochondrial carrier family and exchanges oxoglutarate for malate and other dicarboxylates across the mitochondrial inner membrane. Here, single-cysteine mutant carriers were engineered for every residue in the amino- and carboxy-terminus, cytoplasmic loops, and matrix alpha-helices and their transport(More)
Using a functional mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier mutant devoid of Cys residues (C-less carrier), each amino acid residue in transmembrane domain IV and flanking hydrophilic loops (from T179 to S205) was replaced individually with Cys. The great majority of the 27 mutants exhibited significant oxoglutarate transport in reconstituted liposomes as(More)
The Arabidopsis thaliana genome contains 58 membrane proteins belonging to the mitochondrial carrier family. Three members of this family, here named AtAPC1, AtAPC2, and AtAPC3, exhibit high structural similarities to the human mitochondrial ATP-Mg(2+)/phosphate carriers. Under normal physiological conditions the AtAPC1 gene was expressed at least five(More)
Footprinting studies with the purine-modifying reagent dimethyl sulfate and with the single-stranded DNA probing reagent potassium permanganate were carried out in isolated mitochondria from rat liver. Dimethyl sulfate footprinting allowed the detection of protein-DNA interactions within the rat analogues of the human binding sites for the transcription(More)
The effect of azido-phthalonate, a photoreactive analogue of oxoglutarate, on the transport of oxoglutarate was investigated in proteoliposomes reconstituted with the purified oxoglutarate carrier. In the dark, azido-phthalonate inhibits the reconstituted oxoglutarate/oxoglutarate exchange in a competitive manner with a Ki of 0.38 mM. Upon photoirradiation,(More)
Mitochondrial carriers are a large family of proteins that transport specific metabolites across the inner mitochondrial membrane. Sequence and structure analysis has indicated that these transporters have substrate binding sites in a similar location of the central cavity consisting of three major contact points. Here we have characterized mutations of the(More)
The effect of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate and some other lysine reagents on the purified, reconstituted mitochondrial oxoglutarate transport protein has been investigated. The inhibition of oxoglutarate/oxoglutarate exchange by pyridoxal 5'-phosphate can be reversed by passing the proteoliposomes through a Sephadex column but the reduction of the Schiff's base(More)