Lucia Cusmano

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The paper provides a contribution to the recent debate about targets and effectiveness of network policies at the EU level, by presenting a detailed analysis of the large R&D network that has emerged over Framework Programmes. Social network analysis and graph theory are employed to describe structural properties and dynamics of the emerging network, which(More)
This paper investigates the limitations and opportunities for endogenous development in the underdeveloped region of the rural Department of Casanare in Colombia. The region is rich in natural resources, but entrapped in its role of commodity provider for the country's central markets and is deeply affected by social and political exclusion. The paper(More)
Evolutionary theories of technological change and industrial dynamics give primary importance to interaction between heterogeneous agents, endowed with complementary assets and competencies. Accordingly, support to cooperative R&D is given a central role in technology policy, as a mean for increasing system connectivity, triggering virtuous cycles of(More)
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