Lucia Capogna

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We report the results of low temperature transport, specific heat, and magnetization measurements on high quality single crystals of the bilayer perovskite Sr3Ru2O7, which is a close relative of the unconventional superconductor Sr2RuO4. Metamagnetism is observed, and transport and thermodynamic evidence for associated critical fluctuations is presented.(More)
We report the results of transport measurements on SrRuO3, Sr3Ru2O7, and CaRuO3. In SrRuO3 and Sr3Ru2O7, our findings are consistent with the predictions of Fermi liquid theory, in contrast to previous reports based on samples with much shorter mean free paths. In CaRuO3, however, a T1.5 power law is seen in the resistivity in the high purity samples(More)
The magnetic properties of the triple-layered Sr(4)Ru(3)O(10) have been investigated by means of neutron scattering diffraction. At zero field we find that the magnetic moments are ferromagnetically coupled and oriented along the c-axis with no signatures of either long-range antiferromagnetic order or ferromagnetic components in the ab-plane. The field(More)
Several recent papers have predicted the feasibility of superconducting tunnel junction-based electronic cryocooler devices operating in the temperature range 0.1 4K. We have extended previous work in stacked Nb/AlOx devices to investigate the nonequilibrium effects in them and to examine the influence of barrier conductance and layer thickness on the(More)
The pressure dependence of the Curie temperature T(C)(P) in La(0.75)Ca(0.25)MnO(3) was determined by neutron diffraction up to 8 GPa, and compared with the metallization temperature T(IM)(P) (Postorino et al 2003 Phys. Rev. Lett. 91 175501). The behavior of the two temperatures appears similar over the whole pressure range, suggesting a key role of magnetic(More)
Neutron diffraction has been used to determine the magnetic structure of Na8Cu5O10, a stoichiometric compound containing chains based on edge-sharing CuO4 plaquettes. The chains are doped with 2/5 hole per Cu site and exhibit long-range commensurate charge order with an onset well above room temperature. Below TN=23 K, the neutron data indicate long-range(More)
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