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A maize mutant defective in the synthesis of phytic acid during seed maturation was used as a tool to study the consequences of the lack of this important reserve substance on seed survival. Data on germinability, free iron level, free radical relative abundance, protein carbonylation level, damage to DNA, degree of lipid peroxidation, alpha- and(More)
OBJECTIVES In this study we investigated the in vitro fungistatic and fungicidal activities of CPA18 and CPA109, two azole compounds with original structural features, alone and in combination with fluconazole against fluconazole-susceptible and -resistant Candida albicans strains. METHODS Antifungal activities were measured by MIC evaluation and(More)
A software package of Mathematica, aimed at the analysis of (2)H NMR Zeeman (T(1Z)) and quadrupolar (T(1Q)) spin-lattice relaxation times in liquid crystals in terms of diffusional models, is presented. The models most commonly used to describe internal, overall, and collective motions in liquid-crystalline phases are considered, and dynamic parameters are(More)
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