Lucia Bonardi

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Patients with preascitic liver cirrhosis display significant renal sodium retention in the upright posture and an exaggerated natriuresis during recumbency. To date, intrarenal sodium handling in these patients has not been studied using lithium clearance and fractional excretion techniques during recumbency and orthostatism. METHODS(More)
MTBE was instilled in 6 cases of lithiasis (1 intrahepatic, 5 giant common bile duct stones following EPT). The nasobiliary route (3 cases) and a percutaneous biliary drain (3 cases) were used for this purpose. Complete stone dissolution was achieved in four cases. In the other two, volume reduction was sufficient to allow spontaneous elimination after EPT.(More)
Gastric cancer is often associated with p53 over-expression and Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection. In this study we have investigated the production of the p53 protein and mutation of its gene in precancerous gastric lesions with HP infection. For this purpose 130 patients who underwent endoscopy for dyspepsia were enrolled in the study. To assess p53(More)
The authors describe their initial experience with a 2.8 mm (8.5F) fiberscope. The instrument, used to refine interventional radiology maneuvers of the intra- and extra-hepatic bile ducts, caused no additional discomfort to the 18 patients treated. The fiberscope permitted differentiation between different causes of biliary stenosis in the few cases where(More)
The association between "nonclassic" cytologic signs of condyloma and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in women with negative Papanicolaou smears was analyzed via a case-control study. The cytologic signs considered were mild koilocytosis, mild dyskeratosis, binucleation or multinucleation, cleared cytoplasm and nuclear hyperchromatism. The Papanicolaou(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of specific morphologic diagnostic criteria is of paramount importance to optimize the accuracy of fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) and to reduce the rate of false-negative results. In the current study, the authors reviewed a consecutive series of false-negative findings observed in the study center to define the(More)
Forty-six (2.9%) false negative reports were recorded among adequate fine needle aspirates from 1609 consecutive histologically proven carcinomas, observed from 1991 to 1993. False negatives were more frequent among younger women (< 40 years = 7.1; 40-49 years = 4.0; 50-59 years = 3.6; 60-69 years = 1.7; > 69 years = 1.5%), lobular invasive subtypes (5.4%),(More)
BACKGROUND The AutoPap 300 QC system (Tripath Imaging, Inc., Burlington, NC) is an automated device that was designed to screen conventionally prepared cervical smears and, more recently, thin-layer slide preparations. The system has been tested in large clinical trials. METHODS A total of 14,145 cervical smears obtained from participants in the Florence(More)