Lucia Bertacchini

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The main goal of this study was to evaluate (87)Sr/(86)Sr ratio in different matrices, namely soils, branches, and grape juices, of an oenological food chain in order to develop a robust analytical strategy able to link the investigated food to its territory of origin. The (87)Sr/(86)Sr has been used as traceability marker and several aspects, affected its(More)
In the development of a geographical traceability model, it is necessary to understand if the value of the monitored indicators in a food is correlated to its origin or if it is also influenced by 'external factors' such as those coming from its production. In this study, a deeper investigation of the trend of direct geographical traceability indicators(More)
Geographical origin and authenticity of food are topics of interest for both consumers and producers. Among the different indicators used for traceability studies, (87)Sr/(86)Sr isotopic ratio has provided excellent results. In this study, two analytical approaches for wine sample pre-treatment, microwave and low temperature mineralisation, were(More)
Lambrusco is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) red wine of Modena (Italy) produced according to the production regulation (Decreto Ministeriale (DM) July 27, 2009; GU no. 184-187-188, 13/08/2009). Here the use of (1)H NMR spectroscopy as molecular fingerprints of several PDO Lambrusco wines was proposed to serve as indicators of authenticity and(More)
Aim of this work is to assess the potentialities of the X-ray powder diffraction technique as fingerprinting technique, i.e. as a preliminary tool to assess soil samples variability, in terms of geochemical features, in the context of food geographical traceability. A correct approach to sampling procedure is always a critical issue in scientific(More)
A hierarchical data fusion approach has been developed proposing multivariate curve resolution (MCR) as a variable reduction tool. The case study presented concerns the characterization of soil samples of the Modena District. It was performed in order to understand, at a pilot study stage, the geographical variability of the zone prior to planning a(More)
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