Lucia Ardoino

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A wire patch cell (WPC) operating at the uplink frequency band of GSM 1800 MHz has been designed for in vitro experiments with the aim of investigating the possible biological effects of electromagnetic radiation associated with cellular phones. The 1800 MHz WPC design is a direct descendant of the original 900 MHz WPC introduced by Laval et al. This system(More)
In actual conditions of use, the power radiated from cellular phones changes during conversation depending on several factors. Upon request from the radio base station (RBS), the phone in fact, reduces, its power to a level that is deemed optimum for the quality of conversation. In this study, special phones, which had been modified to allow the continuous(More)
The effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) exposure on neuronal phenotype maturation have been studied in two different in vitro models: murine SN56 cholinergic cell line and rat primary cortical neurons. The samples were exposed at a dose of 1W/kg at 900 MHz GSM modulated. The phenotype analysis was carried out at 48 and 72 h (24 and 48 h(More)
An exposure system consisting of two long transversal electromagnetic (TEM) cells, operating at a frequency of 900 MHz, is presented and discussed. The set-up allows simultaneous exposure of a significant number of animals (up to 12 mice per cell) in a blind way to a uniform plane wave at a frequency of 900 MHz, for investigating possible biological effects(More)
OBJECTIVES The output power of a mobile phone is directly related to its radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic field strength, and may theoretically vary substantially in different networks and phone use circumstances due to power control technologies. To improve indices of RF exposure for epidemiological studies, we assessed determinants of mobile phone(More)
International guidelines. ICNIRP, and proposed standards. IEEE-ANSI, define basic restrictions in terms of rate of power absorbed for mass unit (SAR) for localised exposure of electromagnetic fields such as in the near field region of cellular phones. Compliance tests of cellular phones consist in checking that emitted power from mobile telecommunication(More)
Measurements in the real environment, i.e. with several different electromagnetic field (EMF) sources and scattering problems, require an accurate analysis of problems concerning narrowband measurements. The aim of the present work was the development of an automatic procedure for narrowband electric field measurements in open sites with multiple sources,(More)