Luci Boa Nova Coelho

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Balera fiuzai sp. nov. is described based on male specimens obtained from light trap collections at Mata do Paraíso, Municipality of Viçosa, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. An identification key to the species of Balera is given. Additionally, Habralebra gillettei Young is redescribed from the same locality. These specimens of H. gillettei differ somewhat from(More)
Recently, disease in broccoli plants (Brassica oleracea var. italica) was associated with three distinct phytoplasmas in Brazil. The disease named broccoli stunt (BS) has caused significant economic losses in São Paulo State. Group 16SrIII phytoplasmas is the most common group that have been associated with BS. The BS disease is still poorly understood, and(More)
A new leafhopper species, Scaris angrensis sp.nov., is described and illustrated based on an adult male from Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil. The holotype is deposited in the entomological collection of Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The new species seems to be more closely related to S.(More)
Gyponareversa DeLong & Martinson, 1972 has its ovipositor described and illustrated based on the examination of specimens from its type locality. This is the first species of Gypona Germar, 1821 to have the female genitalia detailed description published.
Joruma abernardesi sp.nov. and Joruma phrolfsi sp.nov. (Typhlocybinae: Jorumini) are described based on specimens from Mata do Paraíso, an Atlantic Forest reserve located at Viçosa municipality. This is the first record of the genus Joruma McAtee in Minas Gerais State, southeastern Brazil.
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