Luchino Y. Cohen

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Apoptosis induced by T cell receptor (TCR) triggering in T lymphocytes involves activation of cysteine proteases of the caspase family through their proteolytic processing. Caspase-3 cleavage was also reported during T cell stimulation in the absence of apoptosis, although the physiological relevance of this response remains unclear. We show here that the(More)
Cysteine proteases of the CED-3 and ICE family have been recently proposed as the ultimate executioners in several mammalian cell death pathways. Among them, the cysteine protease CPP32 has been shown to participate in programmed cell death (PCD), or apoptosis, affecting lymphoid cells in vitro. In the thymus, negative selection is a mechanism through which(More)
After our initial report tha leukocyte dialysates containing transfer factor augment the thymidine incorporation of antigen-stimulated lymphocytes, we have adapted the system to microleukocyte cultures. This modification permits both (a) the simultaneous assay of a single dialysate on the cells of multiple individuals, and (b) the assay of multiple(More)
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