Lucette Lafleur

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To determine the incidence of infection secondary to arterial catheterization in children as well as the risk markers, we prospectively evaluated, during a 1-year period, all arterial catheters installed in children admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit. A total of 340 cannulas were placed in 310 children aged 80 +/- 4 months (mean +/- SEM) for a(More)
The incidence of infection related to arterial catheterization has not been studied in critically ill children, using systematic catheter cultures. We studied prospectively 68 children in whom 70 arterial catheters were inserted. After the aseptic catheterization procedure, no component of the system was changed. The insertion site was inspected daily for(More)
We conducted a prospective study in the multidisciplinary pediatric intensive care unit (pediatric ICU) of a tertiary-care university hospital in order to determine the incidence, risk markers, risk factors, and complications related to bacterial nosocomial pneumonia (BNP) and tracheitis (BNT) in children. A cohort of 1,114 consecutive admissions to the(More)
Y. enterocolitica (YE) is the second commonest cause of bacterial gastroenteritis (GE) in children in the Montreal area. The purpose of this study is to define prospectively the incidence of YE GE, duration of carriage, serological response, communicability in households, and effect of antimicrobial therapy. Clinical, bacteriologic and serologic(More)
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