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Economic Impacts of Sanitation in Southeast Asia: Summary
This study examines the major health, water, environmental, tourism and other welfare impacts associated with poor sanitation in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. By examining theExpand
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Health and Economic Impact of Air Pollution in Jakarta
Jakarta is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Air pollution in Jakarta is above the safe limits specified by the World Health Organization. It is estimated that the health cost ofExpand
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The dynamics of climate change governance in Indonesia
in recent years, as described in other chapters in this book, the intention to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been growing across a diverse range of non-Annex I countries. Often, theseExpand
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The Life History Of Human Foraging: Cross-Cultural And Individual Variation
Human adaptation depends upon the integration of slow life history, complex production skills, and extensive sociality. Refining and testing models of the evolution of human life history and culturalExpand
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Schooling, Local Knowledge and Working Memory: A Study among Three Contemporary Hunter-Gatherer Societies
Researchers have analysed whether school and local knowledge complement or substitute each other, but have paid less attention to whether those two learning models use different cognitive strategies.Expand
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The Adaptive Nature of Culture: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Returns of Local Environmental Knowledge in Three Indigenous Societies
Researchers have argued that the behavioral adaptations that explain the success of our species are partially cultural, that is, cumulative and socially transmitted. Thus, understanding the adaptiveExpand
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Peer Evaluation Can Reliably Measure Local Knowledge
We assess the consistency of measures of individual local ecological knowledge obtained through peer evaluation against three standard measures: identification tasks, structured questionnaires, andExpand
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The life history of human foraging: Cross-cultural and individual variation
Hunters exhibit high skill across the life span, individuals vary substantially in skill, and age-related peaks vary across sites. Human adaptation depends on the integration of slow life history,Expand
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Sharing in a Context of Rural Development. A Study Among a Contemporary Hunter-Gatherer Society in Indonesia
This chapter looks into the practice of sharing among a contemporary hunter-gatherer society, the Punan Tubu from North Kalimantan, Indonesia, to explore whether sharing changes with increasingExpand
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