Lucelene Lopes

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Some top data mining algorithms, as ensemble classifiers, may be inefficient to very large data set. This paper makes an initial proposal of a distributed ensemble classifier algorithm based on the popular Random Forests for Big Data. The proposed algorithm aims to improve the efficiency of the algorithm by a distributed processing model called MapReduce.(More)
The need for domain ontologies motivates the research on structured information extraction from texts. A foundational part of this process is the identification of domain relevant compound terms. This paper presents an evaluation of compound terms extraction from a corpus of the domain of Pediatrics. Bigrams and trigrams were automatically extracted from a(More)
This paper compares the accuracy of combined classifiers in medical data bases to the same knowledge discovery techniques applied to generic data bases. Specifically, we apply Bagging and Boosting methods for 16 medical and 16 generic data bases and compare the accuracy results with a more traditional approach (C4.5 algorithm). Bagging and Boosting methods(More)
In this paper we present a methodology for building comparable corpus, using multilingual ontologies of a scpecific domain. This resource can be exploited to foster research on multilingual corpus-based ontology learning, population and matching. The building resource process is exemplified by the construction of annotated comparable corpora in English,(More)
The use of ensemble classifiers, <i>e.g.</i>, Bagging and Boosting, is wide spread to machine learning. However, most of studies in this area are based on empirical comparisons that suffer from a lack of care to the randomness of these methods. This paper describes the dangers of experiments with ensemble classifiers by analyzing the efficiency of Bagging(More)