Luce Brotcorne

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This article traces the evolution of ambulance location and relocation models proposed over the past 30 years. The models are classified in two main categories. Deterministic models are used at the planning stage and ignore stochastic considerations regarding the availability of ambulances. Probabilistic models reflect the fact that ambulances operate as(More)
We consider the problem of determining a set of optimal tolls on the arcs of a multicommodity transportation network. The problem is formulated as a bilevel mathematical program where the upper level consists in a firm that raises revenues from tolls set on arcs of the network, while the lower level is represented by a group of users travelling on shortest(More)
In this paper, we consider the Bilevel Knapsack Problem (BKP), which is a hierarchical optimization problem inwhich the feasible set is determined by the set of optimal solutions for a parametric Knapsack Problem. We introduce a new reformulation of the BKP into a one-level integer programming problem using dynamic programming. We propose an algorithm that(More)
We consider the problem of jointly determining installed capacity levels and associated tariffs on the arcs of a multicommodity transportation network. We model this situation as a joint pricing and network capacity setting problem. Capacities are available at discrete, non uniform levels. This problem is first formulated as a mixed integer bilevel program.(More)
The growing traffic congestion in urban areas creates an urgent need for a better transportation planning. In this context, traffic assignment models can be used to help public authorities to test the impact of various transportation policies such as enlarging areas where bottleneck occurs, work start time flexbility etc. The representation of traffic(More)
In order to optimize revenue, service firms must integrate within their pricing policies the rational reaction of customers to their price schedules. In the airline or telecommunication industry, this process is all the more complex due to interactions resulting from the structure of the supply network. In this paper we consider a streamlined version of(More)