Lucas Schirmer

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Facilitative UT-B urea transporters enable the passage of urea across cell membranes. Gastrointestinal urea transporters are thought to play a significant role in the urea nitrogen salvaging process that occurs between mammalian hosts and their gut bacteria. This study investigated the expression of UT-B urea transporters in different segments of human(More)
UNLABELLED Hydrogels are promising biomaterials that can adapt easily to complex tissue entities. Furthermore, chemical modifications enable these hydrogels to become an instructive biomaterial to a variety of cell types. Human dermal fibroblasts play a pivotal role during wound healing, especially for the synthesis of novel dermal tissue replacing the(More)
Excessive production of inflammatory chemokines can cause chronic inflammation and thus impair cutaneous wound healing. Capturing chemokine signals using wound dressing materials may offer powerful new treatment modalities for chronic wounds. Here, a modular hydrogel based on end-functionalized star-shaped polyethylene glycol (starPEG) and derivatives of(More)
A major limitation for the therapeutic applications of cytokines is their short half-life time. Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), known to complex and stabilize cytokines in vivo, are therefore used to form 3D-biohybrid polymer networks capable of aiding the effective administration of Interleukin-4, a key regulator of the inflammatory response. Mimicking the in(More)
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