Lucas P. Queiroz

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Graphics cards are complex electronic systems designed for high performance applications. Due to its processing power, graphics cards may operate at high temperatures, leading its components to a significant degradation level. This fact is even more present when any of the heat exchange components is not working properly. In such cases, graphics cards may(More)
Being able to detect faults in Hard Disk Drives (HDD) can lead to significant benefits to computer manufacturers, users and storage system providers. As a consequence, several works have focused on the development of fault detection algorithms for HDDs. Recently, promising results were achieved by methods using SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting(More)
A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) failure may lead to serious consequences for users and companies. Hence, predicting failures in HDDs became a topic that attracted much attention in recent years. Monitoring a HDD status can provide information about its degradation, so as to let the user or a system manager know about a failure before it happens, preventing loss of(More)
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