Lucas Oliveira

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In the present work we extend a local Tb theorem for square functions of Christ [3] and Hofmann [17] to the multilinear setting. We also present a new BM O type interpolation result for square functions associated to multilinear operators. These square function bounds are applied to prove a multilinear local Tb theorem for singular integral operators.
Advances in image quality produced by computed tomography (CT) and the growth in the number of image studies currently performed has made the management of incidental pulmonary nodules (IPNs) a challenging task. This research aims to identify IPNs in radiology reports of chest and abdominal CT by Natural Language Processing techiniques to recognize IPN in(More)
The emerging penetration of Health IT in Latin America (especially in Brazil) has exacerbated the ever-increasing amount of Electronic Health Record (EHR) clinical free text documents.This imposes a workflow efficiency challenge on clinicians who need to synthesize such documents during the typically time-constrained patient care. We propose an(More)
The management of follow-up recommendations is fundamental for the appropriate care of patients with incidental pulmonary findings. The lack of communication of these important findings can result in important actionable information being lost in healthcare provider electronic documents. This study aims to analyze follow-up recommendations in radiology(More)
In this work we study boundedness of Littlewood-Paley-Stein square functions associated to multilinear operators. We prove weighted Lebesgue space bounds for square functions under relaxed regularity and cancellation conditions that are independent of weights, which is a new result even in the linear case. For a class of multilinear convolu-tion operators,(More)
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